Are you in charge of a high-risk building?

The Building Safety Regulator can now ask you to apply for your Building Assessment Certificate since the legislation was actioned on April 1st. This will require a building safety case report to be submitted as well and we understand that these can take time to produce.

A Building Safety Gap Analysis evaluates your housing assets and building safety management approach considering the Building Safety Act 2022 and recent fire safety legislation amendments.

What a Gap Analysis Does

Preparation: prepare for new obligations arising from
the Building Safety Act 2022.

Review: Review existing building safety management approach.

Identify Gaps: detect potential gaps and
areas for development.

Provide documents: Helping you to provide the legally required Building Assessment Certificate (BAC).
Without a BAC you run the risk of financial penalties
and in some cases criminal convictions.

Resident engagement: The report allows for open dialogue with residents regarding Building Safety.
One of the main requirements.

Providing Building Safety expertise: there are limited resources in place within the industry to help with producing these vital documents.

How it can help you

Informed Decision-Making: gain a better
understanding of areas to consider.

Proactive Readiness: identify areas where action is needed within the next 12 months.

Clear Action Plan: Follow steps required to meet the obligations.

Less demand on your direct staff resources: we’ll take
the stress from your staff, allowing you to allocate resources to other projects.

Ongoing help We’ll be there to help throughout the application process.

Proven expertise within Building Safety: Experience in this area is very limited. We can provide a prompt professional service.

Let us make a difference to your project.

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