These impressive sustainable farming developments in Suffolk & Norfolk have been developed with Oasthouse Ventures Ltd and Low Carbon Farming Ltd.

The project was designed to create commercial low carbon agricultural solutions within the farming industry. By capturing waste heat from local water treatment works, and ground source heat pumps, the previously wasted heat is injected into the large greenhouses. Each location has an energy centre which powers the heat pumps that generate carbon dioxide which is transferred to the greenhouses. This enriches the atmosphere and encourages plant growth.

The location of both sites were carefully selected to be as close to the water treatments works of Bury St Edmunds and the City of Norwich as possible. They cover a combined total of 70 acres of growing space and have provided a total of 330+ job opportunities to the local areas.

The project itself is funded by the UK’s largest investor in renewable energy, Greencoat Capital. It received widespread support from all levels of the UK government.

Cahill Design Consultants conducted an acoustic BREEAM Assessment on the Welfare Building. The welfare building comprises ground and first floor accommodation. In addition there is an office and meeting spaces, a large break room and back of house ancillary spaces.

CDC also provided Fire Engineering services to the project. We worked closely with the design team to discuss Fire Engineering standards and guidelines. CDC conducted a fire safety review and developed a Fire Strategy suitable for submission to the relevant approval authorities, in line with Approved Document B.