Cahill Design Consultancy (CDC) was appointed by Geoffrey Osborne Limited to undertake a Stage 3 review of previous work, to outline the acoustic and fire requirements and provide design support for the proposed residential developments in Ashmill, Ashbridge and Cosway, located in Westminster, London.

CDC reviewed the up-to-date acoustic and fire related information for the proposed developments at AAC and went on to provide support throughout stages 4&5.

The proposed scheme on Cosway Street is a five-floor residential development consisting of 49 new 1-to-3-bedroom apartments, a basement car park and a central communal garden.

Ashbridge Street is a residential development consisting of 26 new, 1-to-3-bedroom apartments, a basement car park and amenity spaces such as terraces and private gardens for the proposed dwellings.

The proposed development on Ashmill Street is a three-floor residential development consisting of two identical 4- bedroom houses including a car park and a rear garden to the north; and a front garden to the south facade of the development.

CDC detailed key acoustic design parameters for the Stage 4 Acoustic design, and reviewed the current drawings and specifications ensure compliance with targeted acoustic performance requirements.

CDC conducted noise surveys across the proposed sites. From the results, recommendations were given regarding minimum noise emissions from fixed plant items, external wall, party wall, party floor and roof design. These recommendations were implemented into the design of the building, therefore the development was able to achieve the requirements of the outlined criteria.

In line with the fire engineering input CDC have provided ongoing support throughout stages 4 & 5 of the development and undertook calculations to advise on evacuation strategy, layout, fire alarm systems, building separation, fire services access, stair numbers and location, occupant and code compliancy in relation to aspect of the build. Smoke ventilation strategies were also developed in conjunction with the wider design team. Reviewing Stage 3 design input and issuing Fire strategy reports as we as providing construction phase support including tender queries and value engineering exercises, we have been present throughout the project.

All Photography by Peter Langdown