CDC welcomes Teli Chinelis to the team

05 Dec 23

Cahill Design Consultants is delighted to announce the appointment of Teli Chinelis as an Associate Acoustic Consultant.

Teli is a highly accomplished Chartered Engineer with extensive expertise in Acoustics, Noise & Vibration. He is an all-rounder in the field of acoustics with 20+ years’ experience working in projects both in the UK and abroad.

Throughout his career, Teli has gained extensive experience in all areas of Building and Environmental Acoustics. Teli is known for his meticulous attention to detail, analytical thinking and strong communication skills. He thrives in collaborative environments, effectively working with multidisciplinary, global teams to achieve shared objectives. Teli is also an accomplished expert witness.

Teli had to say this about his new role

“I am really excited to be joining CDC at this time in my career and getting to collaborate with other acoustics expert in a working environment that has recently won the “Best Place To Work” category at the Construction News Workforce awards”.

We would like to welcome Teli to the team and look forward to the future opportunities this will bring.

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