BSR Conference 2024

22 May 24

PAPs should not wait until called upon by the BSR

Our Principal Building Surveyor Darren Watson attended the Health and Safety Executive‘s BSR Conference 2024 yesterday.

The conference provided people with a chance to hear directly from industry and the Building Safety Regulator.

The overarching message from the BSR was that Principal Accountable Persons (PAPs) should not wait until called upon by the BSR to create their Building Safety Cases and should act now.

Once called upon, you will have 28 days to submit. If there is a major incident in the building, they may call you straight away. Regardless of which tranche you are in.

You can find out more about Building Safety Cases and how we can help you complete yours here Building Safety Cases – Cahill Design Consultants (

Learn more about Building Safety Regulator and ‘Making Buildings Safer’ campaign here About the Building Safety Regulator – Making Buildings Safer

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