A quick guide to: ProPG: Gym Acoustics Guidance

06 Jun 23

What ProPG: Gym Acoustics Guidance is and what to use it for

The ProPG: Gym Acoustics Guidance (GAG) documents guidelines (produced by ANC, IOA and CIEH) to help standardise the assessments for gymnasiums, fitness and exercise spaces. It provides methods to follow to see how the spaces might affect noise sensitive areas nearby, with an aim to deliver a more consistent and preventative approach to acoustic problems.

Use the guidelines to help determine the viability of new gym locations, new-build or refurbishment of existing buildings and dealing with noise complaints.

Key Takeaways

Core areas of consideration are:

  • Airborne sound transfer
  • Structure-borne sound transfer
  • Vibration resulting from activities
  • People using equipment
  • Amplified music systems
  • Noise from mechanical plant

Importantly, considerations at the spatial planning stage can prevent problems from occurring that could lead to noise complaints and further issues. Locality and context play a crucial role.

Notably with gyms, it can very often be low frequency noise that causes the most issue. So, the guidelines use a new framework called the G-Curve. Significantly, this provides a way to reference sound spectra more consistently than the NR curve and can also effectively demonstrate the issues visually.

The guidelines should be carried out by a Suitably Qualified Acoustician (SQA) with a working knowledge of acoustics and building regulations and who can bring their prior experience to a project.

How CDC can help

Cahill Design Consultants (CDC) is a member company of the ANC; with a team of SQAs, all of whom are IoA members. Therefore, we can carry out all Acoustic testing requirements for gyms as well as helping mitigate issues in the planning stage and assist with acquiring planning permission.

We provide the following services:

  • Acoustic Modelling
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Acoustic Design Statements
  • Advise on site layouts / placement of equipment

The ANC and IOA urge the use of the ProPG: Gym Acoustics Guidance, released in March 2023.

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