Cahill Design Consultants (CDC) was appointed by David Miller Architects (DMA), to provide fire safety and fire engineering advice to the Parsons North development, located in Westminster, London.

Located on Edgware Road, Westminster, the site consists of 2 residential buildings with commercial space on the ground floor and a basement car park. Building 1 is comprised of private housing and building 2 affordable housing.

Cahill Design Consultants supported the design and construction of the building in order to meet the functional requirements for fire safety of the Building Regulations 2010 whilst also ensuring the building design met the requirements of the client.
CDC conducted a review of the fire strategy to ensure external fire spread was addressed.

Original fire engineering strategy report was provided. Following this Cahill Design Consultants provided façade construction support to the project.

Non-combustible façade was used on this development despite being a residential building less than 18m in height which is notable and good, as this ensures external fire spread is limited.

Consideration was given to fire safety provisions which are required to achieve a reasonable standard of health and safety for individuals in and around the vicinity of the building.

The fire safety issued identified in the RIBA stage 3 Fire Strategy Report were appropriately resolved, therefore the strategy satisfied the functional requirements for fire safety of the building regulations at the time of completion.